Flight Experiment

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Launch Guide prizes, giveaways, traits, background, levels and rarities.

Launch Guide prizes:

We want every member of POFE to have the best winning odds.
We have 10 prizes per 10% of total tokens purchased.
This = 1 in 35 chance of winning a prize during the sale.

How will we do this?
Every 350 tokens minted, we will snapshot those purchases numbered #1-#350, and enter them into a raffle for prizes.
There will be 10 prizes for this group, 6 Bose, 3 Xbox, and 1 Playstation.
We will then snapshot NFT #351-600, and so on.

During launch prizes are:
These prizes will be drop shipped right to your door, all inclusive.

60 Total pairs - Bose Sport Earbuds ($200 value ea.)

30 Total packages - Microsoft Xbox Series X, Xbox Stereo Headset ($600 value ea.)

10 Total packages - Playstation Combo setup ($1,300 value ea.)

After mint Grand prizes are:
6 Total - RAZOR BLASE 15 GAMING LAPTOP INTEL 11800H CPU RTX 3060 GRAPHICS ($2,300 value ea.)

2 Total - Private Pilot Flight Training ($11,000 value ea.)


Traits, backgrounds and levels of rarity:

Traits are items that make up The Professor.
Background, Body, Clothing, Eyes, Glasses, Hair, Hats, Hands, Mouth, Neck, Propellor, etc.

The PROFESSOR - A Rare Bubble Gum trait

Rarity Explained:

Traits are items that make up The Professor.
Each trait, Body, Clothing, Eyes, Glasses, Hair, Hats, Hands, Mouth, Neck, Propellor has a level.
Starting at the core level, up to the legendary level, 6 in total.
Each level then has X amount of traits in that level.
A rarity checker will then categorize each token using a ranking system from the least rare, #10555 to the most rare #1.

Below are two examples of a core level and a legendary token.
After the ends, they will be ranked by a rarity tool to see how Rare your Owl is, numbered from 1 to 10555!

Don't forget, ranking in the rarity tool tracker doesn't mean your token is less valuable. Some hidden TRAITS that your token has can make it extremely important in the future.

The PROFESSOR - Core level

The PROFESSOR - A 1/1 token (Some of the most rare tokens, created by hand.)