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3,555 Unique Owls

Professor Orville's Flight Experiment - Season 1 - is a collection of 3,555 unique Owls on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Each Owl is unique, based on 150+ hand-designed traits.

Becoming a POFE member, when you buy a token, means joining a community of people who believe in the future of NFTs, educating others, winning great prizes and having some awesome art collectibles.

Opensea... soon
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POFE Origins

Hi, I'm Colby. I created the Professor Orville's Flight Experiment while having the last two and half years off of my "normal" job. During this time I have seen many projects come and go. There are so many talented people showcasing their work through NFTs, it's time for Orville to make his debut.

This new year of 2022 has brought about an awakening of creativity. It is very important to us that we keep all of the traits and rarity that we have grown to love with NFT launches. The hidden art, the reveal after purchase, the anticipation of what you will get, the Rarity levels, that is one of the best things about NFT launches for me, the collectibility.

The Professor has evolved and is now ready to begin his journey and be released. It started as a simple aviation project that would grant a lucky winner flight training. It has evolved into a very cool owl, who, will bring the gift of flight, along with other great giveaways and prizes, to some lucky community members. After many restless nights, and 100's hours of research, we finally have a plan.

Press release on Medium


Here is what we have planned for this project.


Our number one priority is keeping our POFE NFTs original.

The quality of our hand drawn art, and the collectibility value are some of the best parts of this project.

We also want to give away as many gifts and prizes as humanly possible before and during our launch.

1 in 25 chance of winning one of our great prizes during our launch.

2. Pre-Season.

Come claim your FREE O.G. pass. only 500 of these will be given out. You only pay for gas. These will be available on opensea.

Discord and twitter will be the only way to gather the information needed to get on this list.

We will give away 500 FREE NFTs to every member that hold an O.G. pass during this time.

3. Main Launch.

Mint your Professor at the public sale. Mint will be open until we are sold out of the Season 1, POFE tokens.

We will give away 5 of our NFTs during the launch to discord members and twitter followers.

4. Every 10% = Giveaway Milestone.

We will giveaway 10 awesome prizes at each 10% minted milestone.

They Include:

Bose Sport Earbuds ($200 value), Microsoft Xbox Series X ($600 value), Playstation Combo setup ($1,300 value)

5. 50% - Supporting others.

We are going to buy a few NFTs from projects we support. Especially women in NFT projects.

We will drop these random NFTs in some members wallets. We want to stay on top of the "Cool" vibes and have a lot of great things in store.

6. 75% - Charity fund.

We will open our charity fund wallet 5% of all proceeds from the mint will be deposited in the wallet.

We are passionate about giving back to women in aviation. We expect to enable many people who didn't have the means to get started in aviation, the ability to do just that.

7. 100% - Sold Out.

We will continue to provide value and add tokens and experiences. We will continue to add to projects and charities.

Our vision moving forward is to make a lasting impact on people and show them the value of the NFT community while allowing them to experience aviation and gaming.

8. After the Mint.

Once minting is complete, we will begin our process of picking all of the winners of the grand prize raffles. (If for some reason, ETH is desired instead of Flight Training, it will b e deposited to winner's wallet.)

The Team

Here is the team behind the project. Our team is growing with Social media ,discord, and marketing.

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NFT Marketer/Reasearcher

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General Manager


We are bringing what we believe to be one of the coolest projects to the NFT world. A little bit of gaming with a little bit of aviation. Being a veteran pilot and extreme adrenaline junkie, sharing the gift of flight with some of our members is the ultimate goal.
Each POFE is hand drawn along with over 150 traits and backgrounds. We will have a rarity tracker once the project is revealed. Each token is rare, Some more rare than others. We have spent over 100 hours on this artwork, getting it just right.
NFTs are your digital ticket into the P.O.F.E. world. Each POFE NFT is unique with over 150+ possible traits. All POFE's' are super cool, but some are cooler and more rare than others. The NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. We have over 30 - 1/1 NFTs that are hidden amongst the mint as well. These are the hidden gems.
We are currently on track for mid 2022. Once we get a better idea of the exact date it will be announced in the discord and on twitter.
Yes. There 500 spots open for our O.G. pass. This will entitle any member on that list to early minting and as well as some giveaways thrown in for our early adopters (OG's).
You will mint your NFT on our official website. Minting an NFT is how your digital art becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain –a public ledger that is unchangeable and tamper-proof, and it records your ownership of the NFT. Our contract can be viewed by anyone, anytime on the blockchain.
0.05 ETH + GAS FEE
You can mint maximum of 2 P.O.F.E. NFTs per wallet in the presale. In the public sale you can mint maximum of 3 NFTs per wallet.
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Founders of POFE

Tek for short, he is the first in line for adrenaline. An ATP pilot and certified "C" licensed skydiver. Responsible for all things "Tech" here at The Professor's base camp.

Marley is our Women in Aviation spokesperson. She is a Flight Instructor with over 800 flight hours and a certified License "B" skydiver. She loves helping and mentoring women from all walks of life on how to live a better more balanced life from fitness to crypto.

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